Did somebody say, “pumpkins”?

A pumpkin patch outside a green barn

My Zoom trick is setting a background; my images celebrate the little pocket of coast and pumpkin patches where I grew up where Silicon Valley melts through Kesey and Kerouac country and into the Pacific Ocean.

And when I grew up, I wanted to own a factory where I would go every day with my lunchbox and build the things that I designed.

Coding had me at, “Hello, World!” It’s my factory.

Blackberries on the vine

Mr. Jobs’ neighborhood.

Steve Jobs lived down the street. He’d both created Apple and left Apple. And before that, he’d gone to Reed College.

We picked blackberries by the creek in summer. He’s part of why I went to Reed. Fun Fact: to this day, he’s a calligraphy legend there.

Reed has a broad edge calligraphy tradition which I’ve recently joined and begun stepping into some of what so inspired Mr. Jobs.